Speed Dating

Much like an actual speed dating event, where one goes to find the person they would love to date, our Speed Dating is set up to help artists find others with whom they'd love to work. We also hope to simply get a variety of theater artist chatting about their work with people they might not normally have the opportunity to talk with. 12 directors and 12 playwrights meet up. Each has one minute to talk about their work (with a couple of extra minutes to shoot the breeze). At the end of the night each had contact information for everyone in the room and hopefully some sparks for new working relationships!


Rain City Projects hosts writing events. Participants bring a laptop or notebook, grab a hot beverage and sustenance, join other playwrights around a table (or Zoom virtual room) for a group writing session. We provided writing prompts, but some writers work independently on their own plays. It's an excuse to write, sure, but we all need deadlines.

New Plays | No Pants Required

A kind of "playwright's sitting in their living rooms with laptops and reading each other's plays" thing. We will be using Zoom Conferencing Technology to bring a group of theatre professionals together to share new work and give constructive moderated feedback. WHERE: Zoom invitation sent to all people who RSVP - we cap the night at 30 participants.

WHO: Pacific Northwest Playwrights and people who make their plays happen.

WHY: Because we firmly believe that making and experiencing art is one of the most profound ways to connect in times of adversity. Our community needs spaces to come together and continue to foster the creative spark inside us.

STRUCTURE: Two playwrights will share 20-30 minutes of work. They will send their plays to the RCP coordinator at least 3 hours before the event, the coordinator will distribute to readers - they may be actors, they may be RCP board members, they may just be other volunteers from the attendees. The playwrights will decide if they want to share their printed scripts with everyone on the video call. The playwrights will decide if they want feedback. We all get to think about plays for an evening.

Do you have work to share as a WRITER? EMAIL US and say you volunteer as Tribute for the next NP:NPR. *If we have our playwrights for this week, we will add you to the waiting list! Just want to attend as a LISTENER or offer your services as a READER - EMAIL US and we'll put you on the list.

Salons / Brunches

Theater is often a very social environment. Not so for the lonely playwright, isolated in the corner writing dialogue, often into the wee hours of the morning. Our purpose is to bring these artists together in a room to talk about craft, current projects, gossip, whatever. May the weather be superb or dreadful (we've been known to operate in snowed-in conditions), the food will be delectable, the company splendid. Join us!