Historical Archive of Published Plays

This list is for posterity. None of the plays are currently available for sale through Rain City Projects. Please contact the playwrights for purchase or rights.

# 198 - An American Book of the Dead by Paul Mullin

# 197 - The Center of Gravity by Gregary Hischak

# 196 - The Big Time by John Moe

# 195 - Notes from Underground by Andrew Litzky (and others)

# 194 - Two Birds and a Stone by Amy Wheeler

# 193 - Tino Does Time by Fiona J. Torres @ Live Girls! (3 men, 1 woman) 1972. Los Angeles. Murder, Suicide, Love and Stolen Tires.

# 192 - And the Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon by Maria Glanz @ (Solo Show) Saddle up and join us for a sweet and sultry Western Romance, in which your favorite Rodeo Queen and Cowgirl Sweetheart must choose between the glamour of the ring, the lure of the road, and love of a fella.

# 191 - In Flagrante Gothicto by Dodd & Armenante @ The Empty Space (9 actors) 'Jane Eyre', 'Wuthering Heights', and 'Rebecca' are among the works satirized in this romp through the moors, castles, masked balls, and inexplicable lesbian overtones of Gothic novels and the movies they spawned.

# 190 - Gone are the Days by Scot Augustson @ Consolidated Works (6 actors) Gone are the Days' talls the story of three intrepid souls---a wet nurse, an Italian poet, and a young dog lover--who journey down into hell to retrieve something lost. Along the way we meet monkeys, weasels, suicides, drunken Irish poets, rodeo queens, and more monkeys. A ridiculous insult to 2000 years of Western theology.

# 189 - The Seagull by Adapted from Chekhov by Wayne Rawley @ Theater Schmeater (7 men, 4 women) 'The Seagull' is a comedy in which everybody wants something so bad they can't hardly stand it and, in the end, nobody really gets it. Except Nina, but it just about kills her. And then Garry shoots himself. Ha, ha. Very funny.

# 188 - In the Wake by Becky Hellyer @ Golden Fish Theatre (3 men, 3 women) A comedy about a newly married man, a purposeful woman, and the lengths they'll travel to keep from learning the truth about each other.

# 187 - The Yellow Wallpaper by Heather Newman @ Theater Schmeater (4 women, 2 men) A successful 19th century writer suffers from post-partum depression after her first child and is sent to a country house to recuperate from a nervous condition. She develops an unhealthy relationship with the decorative wallpaper of her "rest cure" room.

# 186 - Parrot Fever (or, Lies I've Told in Chat Rooms) by Keri Healey @ Ethereal Mutt, Ltd (2 women, 1 man) Amy, a writer, turns to the internet in a misguided research project to find out what men "really want", sexually speaking. While exploring, she experiences two simultaneous and life-shifting events in her real life: The death of her best friend and the onset of a strange and debilitating disease in her own body.

# 185 - Kicking the Hat by Faye B. Summers @ ArtsWest (Variable) A play with music, 'Kicking the Hat' deals with overcoming fear and loathing and finding joy in a local shopping center. This one-woman play can use up to 5 actresses for characters aged 15 to 90-something. Material is largely humorous.

# 184 - R: The Swashbuckling Tale of Anne Bonney and Mary Read by Sutherland & Prewitt @ Macha Monkey Productions (2 women) A salty world of swordplay and seadogs springs to life in 'R', the fast-paced tale of two notorious pirate queens who pillaged, plundered, cross-dressed as men, and ultimately faced the gallows in 1720.

# 183 - The Changeling by Fetzer & Middleton @ Annex Theatre (5 women, 4 men) A young noblewoman, seeking to rid herself of an unwanted fiance, finds that the man she hires to solve her problem wants more than money for his crime. A tale of dark and lurid passions; a modern adaptation of a Jacobean revenge tragedy.

# 182 - Arthur Beakler & The Mathematastics by Herbert Bergel @ (Enormous) As Weeping Water High School descends into chaos, Arthur Beakler and the Math Club endeavor to become rock musicians. A musical written for young actors.

# 181 - A Sgt. RIgsby Omnibus by Scot Augustson @ (Variable) A collection of short shadow puppet plays. Some are morally instructive. Some are shamelessly bawdy. All are hilarious and uniquely Sgt. Rigsby.

# 180 - Gilgamesh, IA by Scot Augustson @ Ethereal Mutt, Ltd. (2 men) 'Gilgamesh, IA' is the story of two old friends who rediscover a favorite childhood game and a new way to talk.

# 179 - Hothouse Rose by Kelleen Conway Blanchard @ Live Girls! (5 women, 3 men) 'Hothouse Rose' is the story of a girl raised in the 1930s on dance halls and booze. Rose longs to escape but will she be able to survive outside the Hothouse?

# 178 - 21 Shots by Deron Bos @ Printer's Devil Theatre (4 women, 2 men) It's 4 am, and the "working man" Brian is forced to take in his friend---the "novelist" Parker Rockmonovich---who has been thrown out of his apartment and needs a place to crash for the night.

# 177 - Quickies III by Various Playwrights @ Live Girls! (Variable) The 'Quickies' festival of shorts was inspired by the devilishly simple goal of exposing you to as many women playwrights as we could in one evening. 'Quickies II' is comprised of six ten-minute plays.

# 176 - Jekyll by Dawson Nichols @ tour (Solo Show) Following his father's death, a son comes home to discover that his father had a separate, secret l ife - and a passion for Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'.

# 175 - Little White Pill by John Longenbaugh @ Ursa Major Theatre (3 men, 3 women ) This comedy-drama focuses on Tony, an aggressive e-commerce executive, who would like an alternative to the whole aging/death thing, but finds the answer is hard to fit into the confines of a single small pill.

# 174 - Vera Wilde by Chris Jeffries @ The Empty Space (5 actors) An explosive new musical about Oscar Wilde, a play that flopped, a Russian revolutionary, and two trials that shocked the world.

# 173 - The Man Who Was Thursday by John Longenbaugh @ Taproot Theatre (6 men, 2 women ) Adapted from the novel by G.K. Chesterton, this metaphysical spy thriller follows the adventures of Gabriel Syme, poet-policeman, as he uncovers a sinister organization of anarchists who plan to overthrow not only society, but God himself.

# 172 - The Love of My Life by William Roach @ Smile Wide Productions (4 men, 4 women ) My psychic says I'm on the right track. Meet Alex. He's convinced his quest to find the love of his life is about to pay off. Unfortunately, Alex's powers of discernment leave much to be desired. Two months and a multitude of girlfriends later, his "quest" is off to a rough start.

# 171 - Into the West by Greg Banks @ Seattle Children's Theatre (2 men, 1 woman ) A lively, theatrical play for young audiences about an fractured Irish family and a magical horse that pulls their lives together; adapted, with remarkable skill and imagination, from the critically acclaimed movie written by James Sheridan.

# 170 - Stormy Weather by Bret Fetzer & Juliet Waller @ Poisonous Toy Theatre (7 actors) Two plays about natural disasters: In 'Tornado', 7-year-old Windy Green tells how a tornado brought her parents together, to their eventual doom. In 'Avalanche', an Alpine town is brought to disaster though an unfortunate commingling of frustrated love and brass instruments.

# 169 - A Very Lesbian Nutcracker by Scot Augustson @ Northwest Asian American Theatre (3 actors) Young Clara is a scholarship girl at St. Leslie's Catholic School of the Danse. She is troubled by a growing attraction to her classmates and so her Creepy Uncle takes heron a Christmas Fantasia. 'Hung by the Chimney' is a recently rediscovered lesbian film noir, featuring monkeys.

# 168 - What I Tell You In Darkness by Stuart Greenman @ Golden Fish Theatre (3 men, 3 women ) A play about faith, ethics, ambition, the wild birth of televangelism, and America at the end of an era. The setting is a small, struggling Christian TV station in 1962 Chicago.

# 167 - Subterranean Homesick by John Moe @ Theater Schmeater (3 men, 1 woman ) Three Portland roommates confront their fears, their families, their true natures, and perhaps Satan himself in this bleak comedy.

# 166 - Burt (Or, When I Was Five I Killed Myself) by Teddi Yaeger @ Theatre Babylon (7 actors ) Institutionalized at 8 years of age, Burt Rembrandtis being detained for what he did to his classmate Jessica. This is his story-an acclaimed narrative about the chasm that exists between childhood and adulthood.

# 165 - Johnny Tremain by John Olive @ Seattle Children's Theatre (9 men, 3 women ) Adapted from the novel by Esther Forbes; the story of a young man drawn in the American Revolutionary War. For young audiences.

# 164 - The Velvet Rut by David Bucci & Ensemble @ Annex Theatre (7 actors) 4 towns and 30 characters, 'The Velvet Rut' is a subculture collage of creative outsiders. Homemade superheroes, backyard wrestling, video documentary, lo-fi audio engineers, and free-jazz metal bands populate and reverberate in Battle Creek, MI; Pueblo, CO; Oxford, MS; and Providence, RI.

# 163 - 14/48 - Summer 2002 by Multiple Playwrights @ Consolidated Works, One World Theatre, Three Card Monty (Variable Cast ) Two nights' worth of ten-minute plays from the world's shortest theater festival; plays are written over-night and produced the next day. Playwrights include Scot Augustson, Bret Fetzer, John Kaufmann, John Longenbaugh, Michael Neff, Kristen Newbom, Dawson Nichols, Tamara Paris, Carl Sander, and Juliet Waller.

# 162 - Requiem at the Pink Flamingo by William B. Ratcliffe II @ Theatre Babylon (5 men, 4 women ) Frank, a small town gay bar owner, dies; his estranged son, Tommy, inherits. Tommy wants to turn the bar into a Cowboy Bar. The bar's denizens, both spiritual and material, must persuade Tommy that this is a bad idea.

# 161 - Stray by Heidi Schreck @ Printer's Devil Theatre (4 women, 1 man ) Two sisters, Isa and May, are exiled from their hometown and cross the mountains to start a new life in the city. They attract a precarious family of refugees into their new home.

# 160 - Great Men of Science, Nos. 21 & 22 by Glen Berger @ The Empty Space (4 men, 2 women ) In this philosophical comedy, two 18th century scientists strive mightily to shed light on the mysteries of God, Life, and the Universe. To this end, Jacque de Vaucanson builds an automated duck and Lazarro Spallanzani devotes his dying days to frogs and their mating habits.

# 159 - Why? Why? Why? by Scot Augustson @ Consolidated Works (7 actors) A bawdy, violent, and at times perplexing collection of Greek myths strung together to give an exhaustive and thorough answer to the question, "Why do we suffer so?"

# 158 - Joan: In Her Own Voice by Connie Amundson @ UW School of Drama (Variable Cast ) Music and humor enliven this action-filled drama about Joan of Arc duringher imprisonment. By night, the wise women of her village and her spiritual guide magically join her as she wrestles with her fears.

# 157 - Live Girls Do Elektra by K. Sutherland & D. Prewitt @ One World Theatre (2 actors) A lightning fast black comedy with a feminist twist, addressing the question"What if Orestes never showed up?" Two actresses portray a myriad of characters in a gin-soaked suburbia filled with gossipping neighbors.

# 156 - Mask of the Unicorn Warrior by Y York @ Seattle Children's Theatre ()

# 155 - Happy! Happy! Happy! a christmas play with guns and fire by Kelleen Conway Greenfield @ Live Girls! (3 women, 3 men) A mean holiday tour through suburban hell complete with gratuitous beefcake, an exploding ex-husband, and a nasty shootout.

# 154 - X-Mas at the Johnson's (An Evening of Real Art) by Craig Bradshaw and Christopher D. Persons @ A Theatre Under The Influence (4 men, 4 women) An attempt to recreate the heady atmosphere of the last flowering of the Soviet Avant-garde. In it the work of the murdered absurdists Kharms and Vvedensky finally, after the long soviet night, appears in the modern American light of day.

# 153 - Prince Brat & The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman @ Seattle Children's Theatre (8 men, 3 women) In this adaptation of Sid Fleischman's Newbery Award-winning book The Whipping Boy, we follow the unlikely friendship between horrible Horace, aka "Prince Brat," and Jemmy, the street urchin who is brought to court and putin fancy clothes to take the Prince's punishments for him.

# 152 - Personal Effects by Susanna Burney @ Theatre Babylon (Solo Show ) Personal Effects is about the things we leave behind, using strange true stories of alien possession, ghostly visitations, and the magic refuge of a grandmother's house.

# 151 - 14/48-The world's shortest theatre festival by Various authors @ Three Card Monty () A series of short plays written in one day and produced that night in May, 2000. This collection includes works by Scot Augustson, Bret Fetzer, Keri Healey, Heidi Heimarck, John kaufmann, william Monigold, Dawson Nichols, Tamara Paris, Olga Sanchez, and Heidi Schreck.

# 150 - Retratos Lindos by Olga Sanchez @ Seattle Teatro Latino (3 men or women) Short bilingual fable (English/Spanish) involving a multitude of characters, both human and animal.

# 149 - by @ ()

# 148 - The Six Basic Rules by Mary Lathrop @ AlphaFemale Productions (1 man, 1 woman, 1 extra) Six-part comedy about the downs and ups of marriage.

# 147 - Rain City Rollers by Appino, Joyce, Russell @ House of Dames (13 actors ) The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice crossed with a 1930s roller marathon.

# 146 - Intelligence by Scot Augustson @ Annex Theatre (3 men) A gay man in the 1950s is blackmailed by the State Department into becoming a spy.

# 145 - EasyBake by Wesley Middleton @ Artemis Productions (4 women, 1 man) Surreal poetic drama about dancers in a peep show.

# 144 - Watusi by S.P. Miskowski @ Hyperion Theatre (6 women, 2 men) A young girl in 1965 Georgia obsesses about Linda Johnson while her family implodes.

# 143 - Cry, Goddess, Rage by Curtis Eastwood @ EXITheatre (12 actors ) A revisionist version of the trojan war.

# 142 - Beatrice by Suzanne Maynard @ Annex Theatre (3 women, 3 men) A young woman, engaged to a man she has never met, plots to escape the marriage.

# 141 - Circus People by Heidi Heimarck @ Theatre Babylon (4 women, 4 men ) A farm girl runs away and joins a small ragtag circus.

# 140 - The Midwife's Apprentice by Constance Congdon @ Seattle Childrens Theatre ()

# 139 - La Valse by S.P. Miskowski @ Seattle Theatre Project (3 women, 4 men) Paul Claudel writes a play about his sister, the sculptor Camille Claudel, and her lover, the sculptor Auguste Rodin; but the narrative keeps shifting under his feet.

# 138 - The Boxcar Children by Barbara Field @ Seattle Childrens Theatre (4 women, 4 men) An adaptation from Gertrude Chandler Warner's children's book about four abandoned children who set up home in an abandoned boxcar.

# 137 - Mars is a star who defies observation by Bret Fetzer @ Annex Theatre (11 actors ) Partly the story of astronomers Johannes Kepler and Tycho de Brahe; partly an interview with Camille Paglia; partly an examination of the Spanish Inquisition.

# 136 - It Comes Around by Y York @ A Theatre Under the Influence Solo show () Incarcerated writer describes her politicization, culminating in a shocking act of violence.

# 135 - Grace and Patience by Jeff Resta @ Annex Theatre (5 men, 3 women) Two gay men fight to keep their adopted daughter; a sequel to The Diva Classification System .

# 134 - Wearing the Edges of Broken Glass Smooth with Your Tongue by William R. Cole @ Theatre Babylon (2 women, 3 men) Two one-act plays, one set at the dawn of mankind, one set in the post-apocalyptic future.

# 133 - The King of Ireland's Son by Paula Wing @ Seattle Childrens Theatre (8 actors ) Adaptation of a Celtic myth.

# 132 - Lily's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Kling @ Seattle Childrens Theatre (9 actors ) Adaptation of Kevin Henkes' much-loved books about a young mouse and her family.

# 131 - The Book of Ruth by Deborah Lynn Frockt @ Seattle Childrens Theatre (3 men, 2 women )

# 130 - Cyrano by Jo Roets @ Seattle Childrens Theatre (2 men, 1 woman) Adaptation of Edmond Rostand's classic play about a man with a large nose and a larger heart.

# 129 - Beyond the Invasion of the Bee Girls by Keith Miller @ House of Dames (7 women, 5 men) Naughty comedy about women infected by an alien virus who kill men with their insatiable sexuality.

# 128 - Little Rootie Tootie by Erik Ehn @ Annex Theatre (12 actors )

# 127 - Red by Chay Yew @ Intiman Theatre (Out of Print)

# 126 - Backwards Into China by Heidi Schreck @ Printer's Devil (Solo show) Comedic description of a woman's experiences as a translator in Russia.

# 125 - The Day I Walked on Four Legs by Bryan Willis & Edd Key @ Tacoma Little Theatre (variable cast) Pro-animal rights musical.

# 124 - The Second Greatest Story Ever Told by Bernadette Flagler @ Annex Theatre (3 women, 2 men) A teenage girl realizes that she is the second coming of the Messiah.

# 123 - Zombie Temps from Outer Space by John Moe @ Theater Schmeater (5 men, 3 women) Irreverent satire of corporate culture.

# 122 - The Last Paving Stone by Y York @ Idaho Theater for Youth (3 men, 4 women) Gentle environmental comedy (with music) about a girl with enormous ears and a girl with an enormous nose fighting to keep the world from being paved over.

# 121 - New Dramatists 1998 ScriptShare Catalog by @ (Out of Print )

# 120 - Horrible Child by Lawrence Krauser @ Printer's Devil Theatre (1 woman, 2 men) Surreal satyrical comedy about two narcissistic parents and their offspring.

# 119 - The Last Hanging in Pike County by Janice Kennedy @ Robert C. Byrd High School (3 men, 3 women)

# 118 - Never Whistle While You're Pissing by Carlos Murillo @ Group Theatre (7 actors) Paranoid fantasy about a man who falls afoul of the customs department.

# 117 - My Last Year with the Nuns by Matt Smith @ Theatre Off Jackson (Out of Print)

# 116 - Waiting for the Rain by Elena Hartwell @ Theatre Babylon (4 men, 3 women )

# 115 - Still Life with Iris by Steven Dietz @ Seattle Childrens Theatre (4 women, 5 men ) Young girl enters a magical world of dreams, whose inhabitants spend each night readying "known" world for the next day. Features the music of Mozart and Mozart himself.

# 114 - Broad Humor by Kennedy, Lathrop, Miskowski, diRende, Yonker @ Harbinger Theatre (variable cast ) Seven short comic plays by women playwrights.

# 113 - The Glory Booty Club by Chris Jeffries @ Annex Theatre (4 actors ) A musical comedy interpretation of the myth of Oedipus.

# 112 - Janie Bigo by Dmae Roberts @ NWAAT (4 women, 2 men) A mystery-romance-comedy-thriller with music.

# 111 - The Nina Variations by Steven Dietz @ ACT (1 man, 1 woman) A single scene from Checkov's "The Seagull" is replayed in 42 variations.

# 110 - Virtual Solitaire by Dawson Nichols @ AHA! Theatre (Solo show) A man plugged into an experimental computer system transforms into different characters until the integrity of his own self is threatened.

# 109 - Story Circles by Keith Jackson (Grey Eagle) @ 3 men, 2 women ()

# 108 - In The Year of My Mother's Birth by Erik Ehn @ Printer's Devil Theatre (3 women, 2 men)

# 107 - Perishable Theatre's 5th Annual Women's Playwriting Festival by Tuan, Greenfield, Lewis @ (Out of Print)

# 106 - New Dramatists 1997 ScriptShare Catalog by various @ Outof Print ()

# 105 - The Philospher King by Juan Insua @ Theatre Babylon (9 actors)

# 104 - Escher's Hands by Dawson Nichols @ AHA! Theatre (Out of Print)

# 103 - The Odyssey by Kurt Beattie @ Seattle Children's Theatre (7 actors ) Dramatic adaptation of Homer's "The Odyssey".

# 102 - Zero G by Peter Buchman @ Annex Theatre (2 men, 1 woman) Surreal comedy about a former astronaut and a circus acrobat who find themselves on the lam from mysterious forces.

# 101 - Story of the Bull by Bret Fetzer @ Annex Theatre (3 actors ) Five short plays based on the myths surrounding Theseus and the Minotaur.

# 100 - Night of a Thousand Playwrights by varous @ Rain City Projects Anthology (Out of Print)

# 99 - Doctor Gorlitz' Death Ray by Craig Bradshaw & James Venturini @ A Theatre Under the Influence (4 women, 4 men) A bloody comedy, inspired by Grand Guignol plays of the turn of the century.

# 98 - The Diva Classification System by Jeff Resta @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 97 - Cowboy Loaders by Curtis John Eastwood @ Jethro Productions (5 men, 3 women )

# 96 - Bunnicula by Jon Klein @ Seattle Children's Theatre (Out of Print)

# 95 - Buffalo Soldier by Mitch Hale @ Group Theatre (5 men) A black cavalry squad, led by a white officer, capture a Comanche chief who attempts to convince the black soldiers that they are better off on his side than the army's.

# 94 - Tuesday by Paul Mullin @ AHA! Theatre (5 actors ) A man wakes up every day with no memory of his previous life.

# 93 - The History of Accidental Death in Carroll County by Keri Healey @ Annex Theatre (6 women, 4 men)

# 92 - The Handwriting, the Soup, & the Hats by Suzanne Maynard @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 91 - Feasting by SP Miskowski @ AHA! Theatre (6 men, 6 women)

# 90 - I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe by Dawson Nichols @ AHA! Theatre (Out of Print)

# 89 - Black Market by Joe Sutton @ Annex Theatre (2 men, 2 women)

# 88 - Perishable Theatre's 4th Annual Women's Playwriting Festival by Eugenie Chan, Maggie Conroy, Carolyn Gage @ (Out of Print)

# 87 - A New Season At The Rep by Vince Delaney @ Artists Formerly Known As Princes (3 women, 6 men. )

# 86 - Nappy Edges by Tawnya Pettiford-Wates @ Seattle Group Theatre (Out of Print)

# 85 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Debbie Frockt @ Seattle Children's Theatre (Out of Print)

# 84 - Malibu by Karl Gajdusek @ Annex Theatre (11 actors )

# 83 - by @ ()

# 82 - Cleveland Raining by Sung Rno @ NWAAT (2 men, 2 women)

# 81 - Picasso in the Back Seat by D.Roberts @ Artists Repertory Theatre (Out of Print )

# 80 - Sarajevo: Behind God's Back by Beso, Yevdjevich, Wilks @ Seattle Group Theatre (12 actors ) Rock musical about political strife in eastern Europe.

# 79 - The First Time I Slept With Rosemary by Hunt Holman @ Printer's Devil (Out of Print )

# 78 - The Red Room by SP Miskowski @ Present Company (3 women)

# 77 - Milton in Paradise by Vince Delaney @ Bricolage (5 men, 3 women)

# 76 - I See London, I See France by Chris Jeffries @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 75 - All the Pretty Women by Lia Denae @ (Out of Print)

# 74 - Curmudgeons by Nick Roperti @ Roperti et al (Out of Print)

# 73 - In The Heart of the Woods by Todd Moore @ Tacoma Actors Guild (Out of Print)

# 72 - Wild Goose Circus by Russell Davis @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 71 - Little Rock by Kermit Frazier @ Seattle Children's Theatre (Out of Print)

# 70 - Euripides' The Bacchae by Josh Carter @ Theater Schmeater (14 actors ) A new translation of Euripides' classic play about a gender-conflicted king torn apart by divine fiat.

# 69 - Voir Dire by Joe Sutton @ Seattle Repertory Theatre (Out of Print)

# 68 - Uncle Hideki by Jean Davie Okimoto @ Northwest Asian-American Theatre (3 women, 2 men) A poignant comedy about a bi-racial (American-Japanese) family.

# 67 - The Portrait The Wind The Chair by Y York @ Seattle Children's Theatre (Out of Print)

# 66 - Kin by Susy Schneider @ Empty Space (Out of Print)

# 65 - Dishin' with Divine by Donnie @ Triangle (Out of Print)

# 64 - Airsick by Peter Buchman @ Annex (Out of Print)

# 63 - by @ ()

# 62 - Tattoo Girl by Naomi Iizuka @ Annex Theatre (co-publication with Big Sun) (Out of Print)

# 61 - ...tell mama, good-bye... by Donnnie (Don Horn) @ Triangle Productions (Out of Print)

# 60 - How the War Was Won by Bret Fetzer @ Pilgrim Center for the Arts (Out of Print)

# 59 - The Saint Plays by Erik Ehn @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 58 - Other People's Problems by Bret Fetzer @ (5 women, 3 men) Group of 20-somethings fall in and out of love.

# 57 - Harvest Moon by Jose Cruz Gonzalez @ Group Theatre (Out of Print)

# 56 - The Rememberer by Steven Dietz @ Seattle Children's Theatre (Out of Print)

# 55 - A Little Help From My Friends by Inglewood Junior High School @ (Out of Print)

# 54 - Warts & All: Reflections of a Garden Variety Drunk by @ (Out of Print)

# 53 - Coming Clean by Betsy Tenenbaum @ Oregon Stage (3 women, 2 men)

# 52 - The Golem by Claire Vardiel @ Bathhouse (Out of Print)

# 51 - Sorrow, Sorrow, Fear, the Rope and the Pit by Karel Steigerwald @ AfNET (Out of Print)

# 50 - Agnes Smedley, Our American Friend by Doris Baizley @ ACT (2 women, 2 men) Biographical play about the controversial political activist.

# 49 - Dreams of Baby by Mary Lathrop @ Jane Doe Theatre (Out of Print)

# 48 - Hunger by Peter Mattei @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 47 - Family Donut by Ted Dace @ Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge Theatre (7 actors) Series of satyrical sketches on the theme of family dysfunction.

# 46 - Dragon Island by Theresa May @ Theatre in The Wild (Out of Print)

# 45 - Lonely Planet by Steven Dietz @ ACT (Out of Print)

# 44 - Alabama Rain by Heather McCutchen @ New Dramatists & Contemporary American Theater Festival (Out of Print)

# 43 - Hell on Wheels by Mary Lathrop @ Empty Space Theatre (Out of Print)

# 42 - Subrosa by Nikki Appino & Kristin Newbom @ Alice B. Theatre (Out of Print)

# 41 - Bessemer's Spectacles by Glen Berger @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 40 - Tiny Dimes by Peter Mattei @ AHA! (Out of Print)

# 39 - Waiter, There's a Slug in My Latte by Lauren Marshall & Todd Moeller @ Cabaret de Paris (Out of Print)

# 38 - Language of Love by Drew Emery @ Alice B. Theatre (4 men, 5 women) The personal odyssey of a deaf gay man.

# 37 - The Red & the Black by Jon Klein @ ACT (12 actors) Adaptation of Stendahl's novel of political intrigue.

# 36 - Tod, the Boy, Tod by Talvin Wilks @ Seattle Group Theatre (Out of Print)

# 35 - Monograms by Sue Mach @ Portland Rep (Out of Print)

# 34 - Capoeira by Tania Myren-Zobel @ Audrey Skirball-Kenis Theatre (Out of Print)

# 33 - The Snowflake Avalanche by Y York @ Seattle Group Theatre (Out of Print)

# 32 - House of Dames 1992 Anthology by 13 Authors @ House of Dames (Out of Print)

# 31 - by @ ()

# 30 - Intruders & Ismene by Jan Maher @ Local Access (Out of Print)

# 29 - The Ladies of the Camellias by Lillian Garret-Groag @ Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Out of Print)

# 28 - Abigail's Atlas by Suzanne Maynard @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 27 - Dear Miss Elena by Ludmilla Razumovskaya @ Seattle Group Theatre (3 men, 2 women)

# 26 - God in Little Pieces by Silas Jones @ Audrey Skirball-Kenis Theatre (Out of Print)

# 25 - The Water Principle by Eliza Anderson @ Audrey Skirball-Kenis Theatre (Out of Print)

# 24 - Louisiana Purchase by Rick Rankin @ Alice B. Theatre (15 actors) A satyrical reinvention of American history.

# 23 - Fatty Arbuckle Spook House Revue by Chris Jeffries @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 22 - Wishing Aces by Rosary O'Neill @ Southern Repertory Theatre (Out of Print)

# 21 - Hunger by Ki Gottberg @ New City Theatre (Out of Print)

# 20 - Hidden History by Drew Emery @ Alice B. Theatre (2 men, 3 women) True stories from Seattle's gay and lesbian elders.

# 19 - Contents Under Pressure by Deb Parks-Satterfield @ Alice B. Theatre (9 actors )

# 18 - Planet Janet by Bret Fetzer @ Angry Red Planet (3 women, 3 men ) Confused 20-somethings fall in and out of love

# 17 - Ghosts by John O'Keefe @ New City Theatre (Out of Print)

# 16 - Trust by Steven Dietz @ ACT (Out of Print)

# 15 - Real Women Have Curves by Josefina Lopez @ Seattle Group Theatre (Out of Print)

# 14 - Nicholas DeBeaubien's Hunchback by Larson, Lee & Wackler @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 13 - by @ ()

# 12 - Living Water by Mary Victoria Dombrowski @ Living Water Theatre (Out of Print)

# 11 - Who Causes the Darkness? by Marion McClinton @ Seattle Group Theatre (4 men, 4 women)

# 10 - In My Father's Bed by Randa Downs @ Alice B. Theatre (Out of Print )

# 9 - Wolf at the Door by Erik Ehn @ Empty Space Theatre (Out of Print)

# 8 - Timber by Bryan Willis @ Seattle Public Theatre (Out of Print)

# 7 - Girl Bar by Phyllis Nagy @ New Dramatists-Loft Theatre (Out of Print )

# 6 - Wooden Breeks by Glen Berger @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 5 - Halcyon Days by Steven Dietz @ ACT (Out of Print)

# 4 - High Strangeness by Todd Alcott @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print)

# 3 - Willi by John Pielmeir @ ACT (Out of Print)

# 2 - Tears of Rage by Doris Baizley @ ACT (4 women, 3 men)

# 1 - Twentieth Century by 10 Writers @ Annex Theatre (Out of Print )